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Promotional pens branded with your logo can seem a little boring when looking for ways to spend your marketing budget but there is a good reason as to why they are still one of the most popular promotional items every year! Pens are used time a time again by most people on an everyday basis. Pens are one of the most useful items you can give to someone. Promotional pens will end up on someone's desk, in their bag, their car and even their home - so what better way to promote your brand then by being at everyone's fingertips every single day? We think that's money well spent!

By branding promotional pens, your logo in seen countless time by your target market. So get creative! At Silveradoh we offer a wide variety of pens from novelty pens to upmarket brand name pens. If you want a large print area check out the pull out banner pen with a huge print area - this pen is perfect for specials, events, tradeshows or just generally getting your information out there.

Or, if you would like something more upmarket to give as an executive gift, Silveradoh also offers a variety of pen sets or brand name pens including Parker, Derofe and Waterman. Perfect as a Long Service gift for your staff or a Christmas present to your clients.

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