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Placing your logo onto a shirt is a classic approach to promoting your business. Small or large, your business can benefit from creating branded clothing.

Placing your logo onto a t-shirt, polo shirt or business shirt means your logo is visible to the masses. Every time the receiver of your clothing wears their item, your logo is promoted in every location they visit. Visibility is everything!

Staff uniforms can be essential to running a professional business. When your employees visit customers, simply go to the shops or walk down the street, your business will look proficient. Promotional clothing means your staff can dress to impress every day!

Have an event coming up? Make your event one to remember by having promotional clothing made for the event. Supplying the participants and staff at your event with uniforms will make your event feel bigger and more professional. Many events that require participant to register will also give  out a t-shirt as part of the registration process. This is a great way to ensure your are getting maximum exposure. A t-shirt is also not something that will be thrown away in a hurry so there is a great chance your t-shirt will be worn time and time again allow your event and company to be continually advertised throughout the year!

If you would like to discuss promotional clothing or uniforms, please don't hesitate to contact the team at Silveradoh by calling 02 4956 7522 or email