Spring has Sprung!

Promotional Products Australia - Spring has Sprung!

Spring has arrived and what better way to mark the occasion than a new marketing campaign?!

The warm temperatures have people venturing outside and becoming more active. So what are the best promotional items to brand with your logo to celebrate? At Silveradoh, we make it easy!

Here are the top 5 products for spring;

  1. Sunscreen

Spring is the perfect time to get outdoors and get active! Brand sunscreen with your logo for your clients. Small bottles with carabiner hooks are perfect for people to add to their backpacks or handbags resulting in your brand being at the ready whenever they step outside! 

2. Sunglasses

In this hotter weather, we don’t just need to protect our skin from the suns rays but our eyes too! Promotional sunglasses are a great way to get your message out to the people. The uniqueness of sunglasses branded with your logo or message means your clients or staff will keep them and they won’t end up in the bin. 

3. Drink Bottles

A popular favourite at any time of the year, branded drink bottles are a must for your business. Spring is an important time of the year to ensure you are staying hydrated so what better time to add these to your marketing campaigns!

4. Football Rocket

Encourage everyone to get outdoors with football rockets! A great game for socialising and staying active. Your brand will be remembered as lots of fun when you use these to promote your campaign. Perfect for councils or schools or just for something a little different!

5. Water Bottles

Brand bottles of water with your logo! The large print area will ensure your message can be clearly seen by all. Branded water bottles are perfect for events such as festivals, corporate days or golf events. 

Need more ideas for Spring? Contact the team at Silveradoh today!