To gift or not to gift?

Promotional Products Australia - To gift or not to gift?

With yet another holiday on the horizon you might be wondering if you need to fork out more of your marketing budget to cover the cost of another round of corporate gifts... or do you?

At Christmas time it is customary for suppliers to spend up big on their clients with yet another Christmas hamper or some executive glassware, but with so many holidays throughout the year, how many gifts are you giving?!

Perhaps giving your clients a gift during the middle of the year when there are no holidays will be more memorable? Surprise them with a small token of you appreciation and a hand written card explaining what they mean to you and your business. The best part? There are no deadlines! They aren't expecting the gifts so if you're running a week or two later than expected to hand them out, they won't know the difference!

Your clients get multiple gifts at Christmas time, give them a gift to remember away from the crazy holiday periods and you will be sure to leave a lasting impression.