Vinyl Banners - Promotional Product

Promotional Product Vinyl Banners

Product ID: 1468
Product Name: Vinyl Banners
Minimum Quantity: 1

Vinyl Banner are very popular within the community. Great for sporting events or registration banners, school fetes, church banners or any outdoor advertising banners.

Ideally viewed from a distance of 2m+.

Other commonly used names for this product are PVC banners, Promotional banners, Outdoor banners, Fete Banners, Event Banners, Church Banners, Advertising Outdoor Banners, Advertising Outdoor Signs, Advertising Banners, Banner Sign Vinyl and Banner Sign.


  • 450gsm, 1000 denier banner
  • Standard Resolution Print
  • Water Resistant
  • Range of finishing options available for banner installation

Size: Vinyl banners are available in a range of different sizes and can also be customised to suit your requirements.

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