Chill Cooling Towel in Pouch - Promotional Product

Promotional Product Chill Cooling Towel in Pouch

Product ID: 6064
Product Name: Chill Cooling Towel in Pouch
Minimum Quantity: 50

Keep cool in the heat with the chill cooling towel. Highly effective, when wet keeps you up to 15 degrees cooler. Easy to use - simply wet the towel, wring out and snap. Place the towel around your neck or head and you're ready to stay cool. As long as the towel has moisture and airflow present, the cooling benefit will remain active. Easy to reactivate simply by re-wetting, wringing out and snapping. Dries soft and chemical free. Chill cooling towel is supplied folded into a zip lock storage pouch and the back is printed with instructions.

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