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Promotional Product Power Bank 4500

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Product Name: Power Bank 4500
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1. Swiss design metal case power bank is a portable emergency charger for any mobile phone and portable devices
2. hand polished zinc alloy metal case is chromed into matt finishing
3. black acrylic panel has led power level indicating back light, we can customize your logo onto the black panel as the power level indicating light
4. it contains a high quality longer life A-grade samsung 4500mAh lithium ion battery
5. can be charging around 500-550 times
6. the power bank battery has the protective circuitry, also has MSDS, CE, FC
7. one year warranty
8. turn on the indicating light by shaking the device, the speed of light dimming also shows the level of the power left, the fast dimming, the less power left

Size: 114 mm x 38 mm x 18 mm

Decoration: Laser Engrave black panel 50 mm W x 8 mm H, or metal case 80 mm W x 25 mm H

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